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Twin Tree Kitchen

About RHD Construction

RHD Construction Inc. has been remodeling homes in the Dallas Metroplex for more than 35 years. The company was founded by Pat Pentino, who came to Dallas in 1982 with construction experience and a dream. More than any other decision you make, who you choose to remodel your home is very important. Pat has always believed that excellent craftsmanship alone is not enough to create a satisfied client or a successful remodeling project. Only by combining talented craftsmen with the organized execution of good design and planning can a remodeling firm consistently please its clients. Pat has assembled such a company. RHD looks forward to serving you on your next home remodeling project.

10 Important Reasons To Consider RHD Construction For Your Next Home Remodeling Project:

  1. RHD Uses its own funds for working capital. We never ask our clients to fund their remodeling projects with advanced payments. They are progressively billed as work is done to the date of our invoice.

  2. RHD is dedicated to helping you and other homeowners have a pleasant remodeling experience.

  3. RHD provides you a detailed estimate of your job to eliminate surprises.

  4. RHD respects your time and will make every effort to keep you informed of work scheduled and last minute changes.

  5. RHD handles all phases of your remodeling from the original design and drawings to the final finish out.

  6. RHD gives you a written proposal and written change orders for your project.

  7. RHD does everything possible to finish your job within a realistic time frame and on budget without sacrificing quality.

  8. RHD only uses highly skilled and conscientious craftsmen.

  9. RHD has a full-time Production Manager whose sole purpose is to manage your job and keep things moving toward completion at all times.

  10. RHD's careful planning of your project ahead of time helps to ensure that once your project is started, your project will progress quickly and with few delays or surprises.

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